New Drug K9 - Freddy

Photo courtesy: Altoona Mirror


Logan Township Police Department, together with Operation Our Town and the Blair County District Attorney’s Office, are pleased to announce the addition of Freddy, Logan Township Police Department’s new drug K9.  Freddy is a one year old Belgian Malinois, who will serve the community with his handler, LTPD Officer Alex Vazquez.

Freddy was made possible through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations that donated to Operation K9, a fundraising campaign that Operation Our Town held to raise money for the new drug K9 at the Logan Township Police Department, after their previous drug K9, Vilo, retired in August 2017.  The community donated to Operation K9 through a GoFundMe page and mail-in donations, which has raised over $4,900 towards the purchase of the new drug K9.

Logan Township Police Chief Tim Mercer stated, “The support shown to the Logan Township Police Department from Operation Our Town, the Blair County District Attorney’s Office, and the citizens of our community is extremely humbling.  The Logan Township Police Department has a proud tradition of utilizing police canines to better serve and protect our community.  With the support of Operation Our Town, the Blair County District Attorney’s Office, and the citizens of our community, we can now continue this tradition.  The costs associated with maintaining a police canine program, from the initial purchase of the canine, to the intense training for the handler and ongoing veterinary bills, are significant.  We also have numerous equipment costs, such as a new police vehicle outfitted with a special canine cage with temperature monitoring capabilities, and canine supplies.  Local municipal budgets are tight, so assistance from outside agencies and the community is greatly appreciated.  Our dog Freddy will be cross-trained in narcotic detection and patrol capabilities.  We will utilize Freddy to locate illegal drugs before they make it to the streets in our community.  Freddy will also be used to conduct locker searches in school districts across Blair County to help make our schools a safer environment for our students to learn and grow.  Freddy’s patrol capabilities will greatly enhance our officers’ safety when confronting dangerous individuals.”