OOT & Amtran Unveil New Bus Wrap


Operation Our Town has announced the unveiling of their fourth bus wrap design that appears on an Amtran bus that can be seen throughout Altoona.  This year’s design features the tagline “Choose Life! Not Drugs” which is illustrated by a positive scene on the top part of the bus depicting youth living active, healthy lives, and the bottom scene depicting a coffin, the negative consequence that can result from doing drugs.

Michael A. Fiore, President of Operation Our Town said, “We focused this design on combatting drugs in our community by showing the contrast between what can happen when you make the right and wrong choices.  We wanted to make it a point to remind the community of the reality that people are dying from drug overdoses in our community and hope that it steers people into making positive choices.”

The new bus wrap design made its debut in the Spirit of Christmas Parade in downtown Altoona on November 29th and is now being utilized in fixed-route service.  The current OOT bus wrap with children on the design and the tagline “The Best Me is Drug Free” will be moved to Amtran’s Tripper service fleet in January 2019 and will provide both morning and afternoon school bus transportation to AASD and BG students during the entirety of the school year.

Amtran has been a long-time supporter of Operation Our Town by donating ad space for four promotional bus wraps and interior bus cards over the years.  OOT has been recognized across Pennsylvania and around the country as a model for collaboration against illegal drugs through the partnership of businesses and non-profit organizations, police, the courts, treatment providers, and the community at large.

According to General Manager Eric Wolf, “We are very proud of our participation with Operation Our Town and to unveil their newest bus wrap this year.”  He continued, “The fact is that anyone can be affected by illegal drugs, regardless of your education, income level, or neighborhood.  We can only be successful in fighting this problem by pulling together all of our community’s resources.”

Amtran is a joint municipal authority of Logan Township and the City of Altoona dating back to 1958.  It was created as a successor to the trolley company, the Altoona & Logan Valley Electric Railway.  The organization currently has 47 employees and 26 buses carrying 1,000 people a day (not including the students that we transport for the Altoona Area School District).  When you add in the school students, our ridership is more than 600,000 per year.  We are also an important partner for Penn State Altoona, connecting their Ivyside and Downtown Campuses.  Our funding is a combination of farebox revenue, along with support from federal, state, and local governments.