Video Resources

Operation Our Town's 6th Annual Golf Tournament - Highlights from Operation Our Town's 6th Annual Golf Tournament that was held on September 18, 2018 and Annual Student Golf Tournament that was held on October 8, 2018 at Park Hills Golf Club.

Operation Our Town's 10th Anniversary - A short video about how Operation Our Town has fought drug abuse and crime in Blair County for ten years by supporting prevention programs, treatment programs, and law enforcement.

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - A video about the impact Operation Our Town has made in Blair County, the organizations it has helped, accomplishments made over the past few years, and why we need to "Keep it Safe and Keep it Going!"

Blizzard: The Deadly Storm - An educational video about the destructive impact of Blizzard bath salts directly from users, healthcare and law enforcement professionals, who share insightful real-life experiences.

Landlord Educational Workshop - Sponsored by the Altoona Housing Authority and Operation Our Town to educate landlords and property owners on how to detect suspicious activity, screening criteria to use before housing an individual in your property, the value of having a lease, and how to protect your property.