List Of Roundtables

Community Revitalization Roundtable:

A community partnership to develop and implement strategies to improve neighborhoods. View list of participants

Early Childhood Education Roundtable:

To prevent involvement in drug abuse and criminal activities by providing pre-k age children with enriched early childhood learning experiences. View list of participants

Faith-based Roundtable:

From a faith perspective, respond to and contribute to the work of the Operation Our Town partnerships. Promote, facilitate, and encourage faith-based community partnerships in using God’s gracious gifts to bring about positive change, hope, and spiritual health in the community. View list of participants

Housing Roundtable:

Identify solutions to address the problems created by transient tenants.  To discuss and implement educational techniques for renting properties to responsible tenants. View list of participants

K-12 Education Roundtable:

Elimination of drug abuse in K-12 students in Blair County through education, programming, and awareness of the dangers of drug abuse. View list of participants

Law Enforcement Roundtable:

To facilitate partnerships between the community and business to fight both drug use and crime through proven law enforcement techniques. View list of participants

Marketing Roundtable:

To communicate and promote the objectives of the organization to effectively engage the citizenry of our community to become involved in taking back our neighborhoods. View list of participants

Northern Blair Roundtable:

To facilitate partnerships between community and business in Northern Blair County to fight drug use and crime through proven law enforcement, treatment, and prevention techniques. View list of participants

Pharmacy Roundtable:

To assure the safety of pharmacy employees and patrons, and to improve relationships with local and state law enforcement, while enhancing the commitment of community pharmacies efforts to reduce the supply of prescription opioids in the community available for diversion and abuse. View list of participants

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