Pictured left to right:

Brian Durbin (OOT Steering & Golf Committee Member), Michael A. Fiore (OOT President), Randy Feathers (OOT Board & Golf Committee Member), Jesse Ickes (Committee Member, Blair County PA 30 Day Fund), Doug Wolf (Chairman, Blair County PA 30 Day Fund)

Operation Our Town Makes Donation to PA 30Day Fund from Golf Tournament Funds to Support Blair County Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Operation Our Town held its 8th Annual Golf Tournament on September 14 & 15, 2020.  The two-day event included a Mini-Golf Tournament at Lakemont Park and the US Foods Neighborhood BBQ at Park Hills Golf Club on Monday and the main Golf Tournament on Tuesday at Park Hills Golf Club.  All funds raised benefit local drug enforcement and prevention programs in Blair County. Many thanks goes out to the OOT Golf Committee, Park Hills Golf Club, and all volunteers who helped to make the event a success!

1st Place:  Nick Gates, Mark Condrin, Mike Macionsky, Chuck Meyers
2nd Place:  Keith Saleme, Thad McDonough, Aaron Harr, Pat Miles
3rd Place:  Bruno DeGol III, Nick DeGol, Andrew DeGol, Mark Saltzburg
Closest to the Pin 2nd Shot:  Mike Macionsky (in the hole)

The OOT Board and Golf Committee wanted a portion of this year’s golf tournament funds to help those affected by COVID-19.  So in lieu of sponsor gifts to golfers this year, gift funds were used to make a $21,000 donation to the PA30DayFund, which provides forgivable $3,000 loans to small businesses in Blair County who apply.

According to Doug Wolf, Chairman of the PA30DayFund in Blair County, “Since its inception in June, the PA30DayFund has provided financial assistance to over 600 businesses in 57 counties of PA.  In Blair County, which is the second largest individual county initiative in Pennsylvania, over 65 small businesses have received a much needed $3,000 forgivable loan.” 

Doug added, “Now, thanks to the generous donation of $21,000 from Operation Our Town, the Blair County faction of PA30DayFund has the resources to fund an additional 7 small businesses who are working hard to fight through the economic difficulties brought on by the COVID induced shutdowns and downturns.” 

Jim Foreman, Facilitator of the PA30DayFund in Blair County said, “Following the announcement of Operation Our Town’s generous donation made at the Annual Golf Tournament, several individuals and local businesses stepped forward to provide an additional $40,000 to Blair County’s PA30DayFund resources.  So, combined with Operation Our Town’s gift, that totals $61,000 of additional funding which will be made available to 20 small businesses right here in Blair County.” 

Jim added, “Every dollar raised and mentioned above is being matched by a generous donor in Southeast PA.  Those matching dollars will be used statewide to help small PA businesses throughout the Commonwealth, to include Blair County.” 

Doug Wolf and Jim Foreman expressed their gratitude for the donation, “Thank you Operation Our Town for your generosity and your meaningful support of Blair County in so many important ways.”